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Lancement du Magazine des Villes Africaines 5

Rejoignez-nous alors que nous nous embarquons dans ce voyage visant à découvrir le potentiel de transformation des technologies numériques pour façonner l'avenir des villes africaines.

We are pleased to announce the commencement of the 5th edition of the African Cities Magazine. This edition will showcase a special feature dedicated to exploring the transformative potential of digital technologies in driving sustainable urban development across Africa. Through in-depth analysis and insightful interviews with industry pioneers, we aim to delve into the multifaceted dimensions of how digital tools are reshaping urban landscapes and fostering innovation.

We invite submissions of research articles, project insights, and interviews focusing on the intersection of digital technologies and urban transformation. Articles may highlight concrete initiatives in African cities utilizing digital solutions to enhance quality of life, alongside critical analyses of the impact and challenges associated with these technological interventions. Additionally, we encourage contributions that spotlight local initiatives and innovative solutions offered by African start-ups, contributing to the digital evolution of urban spaces.

While our special feature explores the dynamic realm of digital urbanism, our magazine remains committed to covering core topics such as African Architecture and Urban Heritage, Urban Planning Innovation, and Architecture Innovation. Furthermore, we continue to celebrate the rich diversity of cities through our section, Cities Pixels and Colors, welcoming submissions that capture the essence and vibrancy of urban landscapes through various artistic mediums.

Join us as we embark on this journey to uncover the transformative potential of digital technologies in shaping the future of African cities, and contribute your insights to the discourse on sustainable urban development.

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SPECIAL FEATURE: The potential of digital technologies for urban transformation in Africa

This section begins by exploring the opportunities and potential of digital technologies for sustainable urban development in Africa. As such, it includes articles on concrete projects in African cities that are using digital technologies to improve the quality of life of their citizens. Research articles analyzing the impact of these technologies and the challenges to their successful adoption will also be presented. In addition, a series of interviews will be conducted with change agents who are contributing to the digital transformation of territories, as well as a focus on local initiatives and African start-ups offering innovative solutions for African cities.

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How to make our cities more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable, and improve the quality of life of all citizens? That is the main purpose of Urban planning innovation. This section aims to promote best practices in terms of urban planning in Africa, like urban development projects, research, governance systems, local initiatives, etc. promoting resilient and sustainable development through innovative solutions.


The body of a city is the shelter of his soul. The purpose of this section is to promote original architectural solutions to facing cities’ challenges like climate change, housing for all, social inclusion, etc.

This includes best practices, sustainable architecture projects, innovative know-how, and architectural techniques developed in the continent to improve the quality of life for all.


This section aims to put on-the-spot beauty and efficiency of previous architecture and show up construction techniques, and modern projects made with vernacular techniques.


The purpose of the section Cities Pixels and Colors is to show the diversity and the singularity of the cities, especially in the African context. All the expression modes are welcome here to show the beauty of our cities. Photography, paintings, sketches, Illustrations, sculptures, etc.

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