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Who we are

Africa Innovation Network brings together experts in diverse and varied fields to offer sustainable and innovative solutions for a better urban future in Africa. We are a think tank developing new approaches for more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable cities in Africa. We develop initiatives, projects, programs, and materials to support cities to move forward to more sustainable human settlements. Our approach is human-centered and based on frugal innovations. We are developing simple, participative ideas and solutions to make our cities and our rural areas a better place for all. Our work is based on creativity and innovation to propose solutions that help to build a better future in our cities for all. Initiatives of Africa Innovation Network are made to analyze, understand and develop solutions in order to promote sustainable development in our cities.

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What we offer


Through our network of experts and specialists in urban planning, architecture, engineering, transport and mobility, geographic information systems, design, etc. we accompany cities and territories in the creation of more inclusive and sustainable living environments through sustainable planning tools, coaching, capacity building, urban development strategies, marketing tools, strategic plans, etc.


The country magazine uses the same ideology and structure of African Cities Magazine but on the scale of a country, a specific city, or any scale of territory. The aim is to work with local actors to draw up a picture of the dynamics of architecture, urban planning, design, art, architectural and urban heritage.


We produce documentary series on the scale of countries, cities and territories that give voice to the continent’s actors to draw a vision of more sustainable, resilient and inclusive African cities, particularly through the potential of innovation and technological development. Urban planners, architects, designers, artists, engineers and simple city dwellers, our documentary series aims to take stock of the urban dynamics of the target territory, while taking a forward-looking look at the future. Our documentaries analyze the urban dynamics of the target territories and draw the fundamentals to build more resilient and sustainable urban settlements.

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