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African Cities Magazines

Our magazine publications cover the main issues related to the development of sustainable cities in Africa. The themes are diverse and varied and in various formats. Our publications bring together a series of innovations, initiatives, and projects on urban planning, architecture or design across the continent. Our ambition through this initiative is to co-construct a shared vision of the African sustainable city.


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This third edition opens with an interview with Jean-François Habeau, Executive Director of the Global Fund for Cities Development (FMDV), on the issue of financing sustainable cities in Africa. The urban planning innovation section is followed by a wide range of innovative projects based on participation and collective construction. In order to inspire a larger number of people and particularly young people, this edition features a portrait of Aziza Chaouni, Principal architect at Aziza Chaouni Projects and Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. Finally, the magazine ends with a sweep of the main events on African cities that took place during the year.


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With a series of innovations, initiatives, and projects on urban planning, architecture, or design, this first edition showcases how innovative ideas and solutions shape urban systems into more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable human settlements in Africa. Through different portraits and interviews of practitioners, innovators, and change-makers in architecture and urban development, we hope to share experiences, examples, best practices, and tools for a more sustainable future. We also hope to showcase the beauty, diversity, challenges, and opportunities in African cities of today, as well as paint a picture of what the cities of tomorrow will look like.


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This second edition of our magazine takes up some of the major axes that underlie the development of African cities. A special feature is devoted to education in architecture and urban planning in Africa in the first part. Then we address major issues of the urban future of the continent including public spaces, urban resilience, smart city. etc. You will have the opportunity to discover special interviews with some of the major actors of architecture and urbanism on the continent, who will present their visions for the African cities of tomorrow. Inspiring projects in architecture and urbanism are also presented, especially those that promote better social inclusion, integration of local communities, and local economic development. Finally, this second edition of the magazine shows the place of religious cultures in architecture in Africa before highlighting inspiring urban art projects.

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