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Douala is the largest city in Cameroon and its economic capital. It is Cameroon's economic hub, with an international airport and one of the biggest ports along the Atlantic coast of Africa. The City of Douala represents less than 5% of the territory of the Littoral Region, but contains 76% of its population and 82% of its urban population. In 2021, there were an estimated 3,793,363 inhabitants in the city. The average annual growth rate of Douala’s population over the last 40 years (1964-2005) has been +5.3% with projections estimating that this population will reach 6 million inhabitants by 2035.
This series explores the urban ambulance of the City of Douala with its motorcycle taxis, its warmth, its openness to the Atlantic Ocean by the Wouri River and its architecture between modernism, traditional and informal.

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